Changing The World of Energy Procurement

Achieving the lowest possible prices for our clients and to assist on their journey to NetZero

Expert Energy Consultancy

our mission

We are on a mission to get customers the best priced renewable energy whilst being transparent with fees and helping them on the journey to reduce costs and carbon.

What makes us different

The old way

Some energy brokers have deals where the commission is hidden in the energy contract, paid upfront with the potential to run into thousands of pounds.

The energyBID way

We never take upfront fees from suppliers, instead, we work on a lower monthly commission from suppliers or a direct fee basis with our customers – it’s your choice. We know how rises in energy prices are difficult for customers, therefore we offer the most competitive fees. 


Ensuring the lowest possible prices based on timing and market knowledge and years of industry experience.


We NEVER take upfront commission from suppliers - Where fees are loaded in energy contracts.


We are an independent consultancy and we will not compromise that by working directly with suppliers.

How it works

The energyBID process

Create invitation to tender


Sent ITT to all energy suppliers


Analyse energy bids


Review re-bids


Customer makes choice not broker

Commercial energy solutions

We also offer a wide range of consultancy services to support business with their commercial energy needs